10 Best Ticket Sales Strategies to Help You Sell Out Any Event


The digital age gave birth to a generation that buys many products and services online, including event tickets. This market continues to expand quickly and may reach a growth of nearly 8% by 2031. These changes mean that your event ticket sales strategies for the next event you organize must meet the demands of today’s eventgoers.

Evey Events provides you with a variety of tools and tips that can boost your profits and increase attendance as you prepare to launch your event. 

1. Review Your Current Ticket Sales Strategies 

A marketing team goes over current ticket sales strategies.

Before you announce your event, examine the sales strategies you used for your last event and review their success. Which tactics worked best, and which ones might need an update? Trimming failed strategies and meeting with your promotional team to gain input can help generate new ideas and approaches for selling tickets before you officially launch your event. 

2. Poll Past Customers 

If you want to target which ticket sales strategies worked well in the past, polling previous customers can reveal the data you need. You can place a poll on your social media sites, offer phone survey questions, or ask customers to email any concerns or suggestions they may have. 

Remain open to reviews, even negative ones, and ask those who responded what you can do to improve their experience for ticket sales in the future. Consumers are usually less likely to hold grudges against an event brand when they feel their problems were recognized and properly addressed. 

3. Up Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

You can improve outreach and reach more prospective ticket buyers by making your social media content more dynamic. Create buzz by teasing a major event announcement and then spread the word across multiple social media sites. Keep your brand’s identity consistent and add interactive features like a countdown clock and a place for people to leave comments. You can also cross-post people’s comments from sites like Facebook. 

4. Harness the Power of Influencers 

Two social media influencers team up with companies to boost ticket sales.

Social media influencers are more popular today than ever before. Their savvy marketing, modern approach to selling products, and ability to remain relevant to young people can provide you with a powerful marketing resource. Influencers reach vast groups of people from all walks of life, with some of them gaining thousands or even millions of followers on sites like TikTok. 

If you choose to partner with an online influencer, consider your brand, the event you want to promote, and your ticket sales goal. Since 70% of today’s young people trust influencers more than the celebrities they see on TV or in movies, you can up your ticket sales by connecting your event to their popular brand. 

5. Give Ticket Discounts for Social Media Mentions

Prospective eventgoers always enjoy perks when they make ticket purchases. You can offer a VIP discount to anyone who buys a ticket to encourage them to spread the word. Consider holding contests on Facebook that earn points for each mention users leave on their own pages. The happier your customers are, the more likely they will mention your event to others. 

6. Offer E-Sales 

A February 2022 survey revealed that most individuals shopped online because of its convenience. Offering your eventgoers a mobile means of purchasing tickets widens your sales scope and provides a more seamless ticket-purchasing experience for your customers. 

You can use several different types of mobile tools, such as a QR code purchasing shortcut, links to site contests and ticket information, and social media posts that tease your event. If you have a website connected to your event that offers ticket sales as well, ensure it works well on mobile devices and that any multimedia or buttons you include function consistently. 

7. Increase Available Marketing Channels 

The number of social media sites that offer marketing tools seems to grow every year. While some come and go, the social media site Facebook had nearly 3 billion users worldwide in April of 2023, and other sites like Instagram continue to gain new users every day. 

You can widen your ticket sales audience by making connections with other similar pages and reaching out to those who attended one of your events in the past. Ask them to include a link to your ticket sales site in any post they make about your upcoming show. 

8. Offer Early-Bird Discounts 

Giving limited or early offers is a great ticket sales strategy.

While offering online ticket sales provides your customers with convenience, it may affect ticket value as well. When customers have an unlimited time frame in which to make a purchase, this reduces the purchasing urgency factor that kicks in when supply is low but demand is high. 

Offering an early-bird discount to eventgoers who purchase tickets during a pre-sale can give a boost to the conversions you make during the limited time window. An early-bird sale might also increase social media buzz, pricking that urge most people have to get the best deal. 

9. Perfect Your Pitch 

Those new to an event may have questions about how and where to buy a ticket, so staying prepared to pitch and discuss your event can tip the scales and make a prospective customer a paying customer. The first impression you make on a potential customer can have a profound impact on your ticket sales. 

10. Follow Up for Future Success 

Once your event concludes, follow up with your eventgoers with emails that thank them for attending. Include a survey offering your customers the opportunity to tell you what they enjoyed and what you might improve for future events. Maintaining a positive line of communication can increase brand visibility online and foster customer trust. 

Let Evey Events Assist You With Ticket Sales Strategies 

Event ticket consumers are savvy to pricing trends, mobile ticket tools, and event apps that allow them to plan their time at an event all in one place. Let Evey Events help you meet the needs of today’s eventgoers by offering ticket sales strategies that keep pace with the times. Contact us today for further information and assistance with your next event. 

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