10 Pre Event Survey Questions for Attendees


Planning a large event involves a variety of factors, from choosing the location to setting the ticket prices. The ultimate success of your event depends on the overall satisfaction of your attendees. Sending out 10 pre event survey questions for attendees can help you understand the wants and needs of your customers and provide you with valuable feedback as you plan the final stages of your event. 

1. How Did You Hear About the Event? 

Pre event survey questions for attendees are important.

 As you create your survey, adding this question can give you important data about your marketing and advertising strategies. You can include a variety of options, including: 

  • Social media posts 
  • Radio ads 
  • Targeted ads online 

Gathering this type of data can help you create more targeted advertising and adjust your budget so you reach your desired audience and invest your advertising dollars where they do the most good. 

2. Are You New To Our Event? 

Attracting newcomers to a yearly event can increase your profits and boost your attendance numbers. When you send out pre event survey questions for attendees, asking whether they have any familiarity with your brand and offering helpful information can help your guests feel more comfortable as a newcomer. 

3. What Type of Ticket Delivery Do You Prefer? 

Surveying your guests regarding ticket delivery can help you gauge which types they prefer most or are most likely to use. Receiving tickets digitally is popular with many eventgoers today, and you can offer a will-call option for those who want to pick up the tickets at the box office on the day of the event. 

4. Do You Plan To Travel To Attend the Event? 

Track how many attendees plan to travel a considerable distance. This can provide you with data concerning the reach of your advertising. 

5. Does the Event Website Answer All Your Questions? 

Creating or updating event websites so that attendees can find all the information they need is a vital part of engagement. You can use your pre-event survey questions to ask how useful the event site is or if they found any information contained there confusing. 

6. What Matters Most To You At a Live Event? 

Answers to pre event survey questions for attendees can help you plan a better event.

Organizing and planning live events involve many factors, especially if you want your guests to have the best experience possible. Asking them what matters most allows you to mold your event to include the most popular answers, such as vending or convenient parking. 

7. Do You Have Any Special Needs? 

Making your event all-inclusive prevents isolating attendees who require seating for those who use medical equipment, such as wheelchairs. Providing this access ensures a positive experience for anyone who attends your event. 

8. What Interests You Most About the Event? 

If your event includes a variety of experiences, such as a festival, survey questions about the main draw of the event can assist you with solving logistics questions. You can use this data to plan future events and include the most popular draws. 

9. Which Social Media Apps Do You Use? 

If you have different age groups coming to your event, this question can help you sharpen your advertising focus. 68% of Baby Boomers, for example, use Facebook, and this type of data may help you determine where and how to adjust your marketing for future events.

10. Do You Have Any Comments? 

Add a comment section to your survey. Encourage comments about how you might improve the event for a superior experience. 

Let Us Help With Pre Event Survey Questions for Attendees

Do you need assistance with event guidance in addition to pre event survey questions for attendees? Contact us today at Evey Events to get started. 

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