How To Sell Event Tickets Online: 4 Tips for Success


In 2022, the global online event ticketing market had a value of $55.4 billion, with an expectation of a 6% growth rate by 2030. Selling event tickets online opens your potential consumer pool to a global market.

To successfully tap into this potential, you must know how to sell event tickets online, as well as understand effective marketing strategies. Discover how to leverage your existing channels for promotion and increase your online ticket sales.

4 Tips About How To Sell Event Tickets Online

How to sell event tickets online

Online ticket sales can supercharge your profits and allow you to reach a wider audience. With the right strategies, you can attract a diverse audience, simplify the buying experience, and drive sales and participation.

Learning how to sell tickets for an event online can bolster response rates and encourage event reviews. To get started selling tickets online, consider these four proven tactics.

1. Leverage Your Shopify Store

Selling event tickets online is a booming opportunity, and with a platform like Shopify, you can position yourself to tap into the potential. Compared to the limitations and restrictions of social media platforms, Shopify offers an advanced toolkit for streamlined ticket sales and powerful marketing.

Shopify offers everything you need to sell event tickets online. It allows for payment processing, inventory management, shipping tools, marketing features, and analytics.

The marketing tools alone make Shopify a worthwhile partner, permitting the creation of email campaigns, social media ads, event discounts, and search engine optimization to improve visibility in online searches.

If you have an existing Shopify store, you can capitalize on an existing audience and consumer base. You can unify branding and provide a consistent user experience. Also, with the right ticketing partner, you can customize event ticketing directly in the Shopify app.

Evey Events offers specialized features for existing Shopify users. The best features include:

  • Ticket type customization
  • Attendee management and check-in features
  • Integration with external marketing platforms
  • Advanced reporting specifically for event data

The advanced reporting features from Evey Events also allow you to optimize your event listings and sales strategies to truly understand how to sell event tickets online. By integrating these two powerful tools, you can increase event exposure.

2. Optimize Your Event Listing

Optimizing your storefront is one way to sell tickets online successfully.

Just as a Shopify store entices shoppers, an event listing is your virtual storefront, beckoning potential buyers with strategic SEO. A well-optimized listing considers several factors to become a ticket-selling machine.

A typical listing includes a title, description, SEO, and visuals. The title is crucial, drawing the viewer into the description. Include relevant keywords while remaining clear and concise. Evoke emotion using power words — “ultimate,” “experience,” “must-attend” — to entice or excite the reader.

Too many event organizers and promoters settle for weak titles like “Summer Music Fest 2024” or “Annual Business Leadership Conference.” While these titles are accurate, they don’t elicit an emotion or encourage participation. Better titles might be:

  • Epic Beats Music Festival 2024: 3 Days, Top Headliners, Unforgettable Vibes
  • Unlock Your Potential: 2024 Business Leadership Conference | Keynote Speakers & Networking

The event description should follow suit. Part of learning how to sell event tickets online is highlighting selling points, like what sets your event apart from similar offerings. Identify your target audience so the message voice is relatable. Whenever possible, include phrasing like “limited seating” or “early-bird pricing ends soon” to create that FOMO factor with a sense of urgency.

Along with keywords, SEO also calls for formatting your description and using metadata. You want to include subheadings to break up text and ease the reading experience. Metadata is for back-end organization, helping organize and categorize a listing to make it discoverable online.

Visuals are more than eye candy. Did you know the human brain can identify what it’s looking at 30 times faster than you can blink? People will process an event visual faster than its title or message. Choosing a high-quality visual, then, is crucial to advertising and promotion, and shows a level of professionalism and organization.

3. Promote Your Event 

The promotion of your event is where the previous steps gain momentum. An optimized listing is like a beautiful storefront, but without promotion, few people will find it. Through advertising and marketing channels, you can create a buzz around your event listing and encourage traffic and sales conversions in your Shopify storefront.

Use social media, videos, interviews, and influencers to build excitement, offer incentives, target your audience, and cross-promote to drive ticket sales.

As you learn how to sell event tickets online, you want to plan your promotion to fit the event and audience. With the “Unlock Your Potential” event from earlier, you would focus your marketing and advertising efforts on LinkedIn, a powerhouse platform for reaching business professionals.

Craft compelling posts that highlight event speakers and key takeaways. Targeted email campaigns are excellent ways to build buzz for an event and reach known event participants.

Finally, partner with industry associations and thought leaders to establish credibility and capitalize on cross-promotion opportunities. Depending on your specific business event, you may want to focus on additional marketing strategies suited to your audience and niche.

4. Provide a Seamless Purchasing Experience

Learning how to sell event tickets online the right way can make purchasing easier for customers, too.

A key aspect of how to sell tickets online for an event successfully is understanding the purchasing process. The ease of buying tickets directly affects the buyer’s overall perception of your event. A seamless, frictionless process builds positive anticipation, while a complicated checkout can create frustration and possibly lead to abandoned sales.

To ensure an effortless purchasing experience that boosts customer satisfaction, focus on technical optimizations and customer-centric choices:

  • Optimize for mobile to encourage on-the-go ticket purchases
  • Minimize checkout steps for streamlined purchases
  • Communicate clearly about ticket details and order confirmations
  • Offer multiple payment options to cater to customer preferences
  • Provide transparent pricing to avoid hidden fees

Understanding How To Sell Event Tickets Online Is the Key To Sales Success

Mastering the art of how to sell event tickets online involves navigating many marketing and advertising skills. The projected market growth for online ticket sales makes the adoption of these new skills worthwhile.

Evey Events can make the expansion from in-person to online sales seamless, offering a one-stop shop for event management and ticketing. Check out Evey Events for pricing information and promotional insights.

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