How To Promote a Concert: Your Ultimate Guide


If your next large event is a concert, one of the first steps in planning is promotion. Getting the word out to as many people as possible can fill your venue seats and ensure a successful event.

Learn how to promote a concert and which tactics give you the greatest outreach with our ultimate guide that provides you with tips and information to fill seats with happy and excited music fans.

Begin Promoting Early

How to promote a concert effectively.

Few concert promotion tactics bring positive results if you wait too long to begin. Eventgoers must plan ahead, especially those who must travel to the venue. Some fans travel 500 miles or more to see their favorite artists, so the sooner you begin promotion, the more time people have to plan to attend.

Consider using advertising teasers for your early promotion. Add the date of the lineup announcement in the advertising you use, such as:

  • Digital advertising
  • Billboards
  • Radio ads on stations that match the artists’ genres

You can create plenty of excitement with these teasers and gain the interest of those looking for new live music experiences.

Invest In Radio Ads

While today’s streaming music sites may make traditional radio seem like a thing of the past, it remains a powerful advertising tool. Radio ads reach 82% of adults every week, meaning you can reach a broad audience with your ads and target new fans who might become curious about your performers after hearing the spot.

Traditional radio ads continue to work as a dynamic marketing tool in a world where many streaming music services allow you to listen ad-free. Depending on your advertising budget, you can run concert promotions on several stations and reach a wider audience.

Create an Event Website

In 2022, 12,500 concerts promoted to 33.5 million fans made for record-breaking attendance numbers across different venues. Many concerts benefitted from online promotion, including websites that provided attendees with concert dates, performer lineups, and sneak-peek clips from previous shows.

Creating an event website can garner interest from various fans, from those who attend every concert a performer gives to those who recently discovered a performer’s music and now want to see a live show.

Make your website mobile-friendly and provide users with links to ticket purchase options and information about the venue, as many concertgoers buy their tickets online and use digital wallets to keep them safe.

Use the Power of Social Media

Social media websites like Facebook and Instagram connect many artists to their fans worldwide and are also effective marketing tools. For example, the social media site TikTok has one billion registered users as of 2024, which means you can reach many people with your concert promotion efforts.

Creating social media circles around your event and asking those within it to share your posts can boost your advertising reach. Keep your brand consistent across multiple sites so eventgoers can track your posts easily from one platform to another.

Use Paid Online Ads

Using paid digital advertising can help you target different age groups and other demographics like location and music tastes. Using digital ads, you can also use keywords to find concertgoers based on their past online searches.

These ads also target audiences by offering ones related to their interests based on what social media groups they join. Advertising across platforms like Instagram and Facebook can reach many fans who might not hear your ads on the radio. This is especially useful for targeting young music lovers, as teens and those in their early 20s spend much of their time online.

Start an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is effective for promoting a concert online.

Email is an effective way to spread the word about your upcoming concert event. Those familiar with your brand or who have attended your events previously can help you create a digital chain to fans near and far. This tactic involves more than simply sending out emails before the event date if you want it to have the desired impact.

Create a Schedule

Email marketing can be tricky because you want to create interest in your concert without burying people in daily emails. Create a schedule instead and use extensions such as Boomerang for Gmail, which allows you to create and schedule reoccurring emails seamlessly.

Monthly concert reminders with updated information help your eventgoers track any changes up to the day of the show, preventing issues related to performer schedule conflicts and changes in ticket pricing.

Use a Simple Message Layout

As you begin your promotional campaign, design your emails with a simple layout. Too much clutter might distract the recipient from the important information you send. Use an easy-to-read font and avoid add-ons that might cause your email to load too slowly. 

Always Link To Social Media Accounts

When you send out your email marketing items, add your social media links to each at the bottom. This gives your eventgoers access to additional information, teasers, concert contests, and photos that tease upcoming shows.

Add a Personal Touch

No one likes receiving spam emails, so make your email marketing mail stand out by adding a personal touch. Address people with their first names when they sign up for your list, and use dynamic language that encourages interaction.

Promote With Online Contests

Contents are great for online event promotion.

Concertgoers usually enjoy perks with live events, and contests are a fun and simple way to promote them. Trivia contests related to the performers, ticket giveaways, and games where the eventgoers vote for their favorite “look-alike” photos submitted online can all promote your concert in a fun and unique way.

How To Promote a Concert With a Street Crew

When it comes to promoting a local concert, a street crew can prove invaluable. These individuals can promote locally by contacting influencers in the area to create marketing deals, spin signs on busy street intersections, and leave stickers and flyers in cafes and other locations where music lovers gather.

Let Us Handle Your Next Event

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