What Are Will Call Tickets?


Few moments are as exciting as seeing your favorite performer or sports team live, except perhaps that moment when you purchase the event tickets. While many eventgoers purchase their tickets online and either print them out or save them on their phone with apps like Google Wallet, the will call method of obtaining event tickets is still popular. What are will call tickets and their pros and cons?

Learn more about this system with Evey Events and how it can improve your event-going experience. 

What Does Will Call for Tickets Mean? 

A woman buys tickets online and asks, what are will call tickets?

As you browse different ticket delivery systems, you may see the option for will call tickets. By choosing this method, you pay for your tickets either online or over the phone with a credit card and then pick them up at the event center box office on the day of the performance. The box office staff gives you a confirmation number that provides you with proof of purchase. 

Are There Pros and Cons To Will Call Ticketing? 

There are several advantages to will call ticketing, including being able to purchase tickets online in advance. Buying tickets online remains one of the most popular ways to attend events. Online event usage for ticket sales continues to rise for a variety of events, including: 

  • Special events 
  • Music/concerts
  • Sporting events

In 2024, more than 733 million people used the internet to purchase tickets. Will call remains a popular method of obtaining physical copies of tickets, as those who attend events regularly enjoy its ease and the many benefits. Will call tickets often take the stress out of your purchase and give you peace of mind that your tickets remain safe until the day of the event. Box office staff members keep your tickets safe, and you do not have to worry about them getting lost in the mail or arriving late. 

Will call tickets do not come without their drawbacks. Picking up tickets at a remote box office site can cause confusion for guests who expect to obtain their tickets at the venue. Inexperienced box office employees may not know how to handle or process will-call tickets, which may result in you or your guests being late for the show. Since some venues will not seat eventgoers once the show begins, this could cause you to miss out on an event you already paid for. 

How Do You Access Your Will Call Tickets? 

Will call tickets allow friends to meet up at the same event more easily.

When the day of the event arrives, accessing your tickets with will call is as easy as visiting the locale box office. Show event staff with your ID and the purchase confirmation number and obtain your tickets. In most cases, you can pick up your tickets when the venue opens its doors. 

Are Will Call Ticket Prices Cheaper? 

Generally, ticket sellers use dynamic ticket pricing to set the cost of attending an event. This model uses supply and demand to raise or lower the price of tickets based on their popularity. Using will call may not offer extreme ticket savings unless you track the sales versus the demand and contact the venue when ticket prices fall. 

We Answer What Are Will Call Tickets (and Other Event Questions) 

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