Creating the Perfect Thank You Email for Event Attendees


The time, care, and cost it requires to create an event attendees and fans remember for years to come requires a focus on unique details that create a long-lasting connection between your brand and the public. Sending a thank you email for event attendees can strengthen this relationship and build brand confidence for the future.

The Importance of Sending Thank You Emails After Your Event

Creating the perfect thank you for attending our event email.

No matter the theme of your event, thanking your attendees with an email adds a personal finishing touch and lets them know that you appreciate their time and support. When you establish a relationship with those who have an interest in your brand and events, they can help you grow a larger audience through positive word of mouth or via social media.

What To Include In an Event Follow-Up Email 

Not only does sending a thank you email for attending an event make your audience more appreciative, but according to PsychCentral, expressing gratitude can improve your mood and overall well-being. These feel-good emotions make thank you emails an integral part of building your brand, and knowing what to include helps you create messages that leave an impact on the reader.

As you create a thank you for attending our event email, consider both the main and secondary points you want to include. Avoid overwhelming your reader with wordiness, but be genuine, including:

  • Why their attendance is important to you 
  • Your appreciation of the time they spent at the event 
  • How their attention supports your brand 

You can close thank you for attending event emails by reminding readers about future shows or other public appearances that may interest them.

Avoid These Thank You for Attending Our Event Email Slip-Ups 

When you send a thank you email for attending an event, you might think of it as a follow-up or closing the loop of making a first impression. Eventgoers who experienced your brand for the first time are likely to think more favorably of it when you reach out afterward. You can make your emails even more impactful by avoiding a few simple mistakes.

Do Not Delay Sending Thank You Emails

Send thank you emails promptly, at least within 48 hours of the event’s end. This tells eventgoers that you respect their time and attention. This is especially important for a charity event, as donors may think of you more favorably and give again in the future.

Avoid Wordiness 

According to Statista, people worldwide sent and received more than 333 billion emails in 2022. With so many active inboxes filled with messages, users may not bother with your thank you email if it appears long and wordy.  Express your gratitude and thank them for their attendance at the recent event and offer a subscription to your email list if you have one available.

Proofread Your Email

Thank you email for event attendees.

Sending out a thank you for attending an event email filled with poor spelling and typos implies that you took little to no care in writing the message. Take the time to proofread your thank you note before you hit send.

Use Sincere Language 

Avoid the use of too much slang or convoluted messages that leave the reader confused. This could leave many eventgoers with the wrong impression.

Let Us Make Your Next Event a Success

Sending thank you for attending our event email messages can give your brand a boost, and Evey Events is ready to promote and launch your next project. Contact us today for more information about our products and services.

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