How To Increase Ticket Sales for An Event: 10 Strategies


Live music, sports, and specialty events draw fans in droves and drive ticket sales into the millions of dollars for shows in high demand. Tickets for artists like Taylor Swift and Beyonce can cost as much as $1,000 per seat, and recent data projects event ticket sales totals for 2024 will reach more than $36 billion in the United States.

While these numbers are impressive, creating and selling tickets for a concert or other special event on a smaller scale can feel like a struggle. If you want to learn how to increase ticket sales for an event, Evey Events has 10 tips to help you fill those seats and increase sales profits.

1. Offer Ticket Bundles 

how to increase ticket sales for an event

Offering ticket bundles at a discounted price can help you sell more tickets while your customers enjoy saving money. Ticket bundling provides you with additional perks as the seller, such as:

  • Customers associate your brand with value when they buy tickets
  • Customer satisfaction for those who need seating for families/company teams
  • Ticket bundles encourage groups to attend your future events

Bundling tickets with special passes for a two or three-day show offers ticket buyers an even greater incentive to buy.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media 

Social media platforms like X, Facebook, and Instagram are useful tools to increase ticket sales. With some planning, you can launch a ticket sales program that reaches more people and increases your sales.

Tease Your Event 

You can make social media users curious about your event by creating teaser posts across multiple platforms. Provide hints about the content, and special guests, and use trivia to create a sense of mystery to attract ticket buyers.

Connect With Social Influencers 

Some social media platforms give influencers plenty of clout, especially when it comes to encouraging their viewers to buy products and services through collaboration. Nearly 42,000 people on TikTok run influencer pages, and many have thousands of followers you can connect with once you find a page that resonates with your event.

Create a Consistent Brand 

You might have a difficult time selling tickets if interested ticket buyers cannot find your sales link because you use different names or branding on each social media site. Consider making an account dedicated to your event instead of posting information on your personal social media page.

3. Create a Posting Schedule 

Creating and scheduling consistent social media posts about your event draws in ticket buyers who already know your brand and want to keep up with any information about upcoming shows or ticket deals. Sites like Hootsuite allow you to make scheduled posts on Instagram, saving you time as you build your event.

Keep in mind that using social media successfully to sell tickets for a sporting event or concert requires planning and imagination, so meet with your marketing team often to discover which strategies work best.

4. Use QR Codes 

how to boost ticket sales using QR codes

Using Quick Response codes as a marketing tool can help you reach people no matter where they are. These codes allow anyone with a cell phone or tablet to scan the code, which takes them directly to your website and virtual ticket booth. If your event is focused on a local venue, put up QR code stickers near that location and in places where ticket buyers frequent, such as coffee shops and vintage stores.

5. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Use

If you ever tried to buy event tickets on a website that lagged, crashed, or refused to load completely, then you might already recognize the importance of optimizing your ticket website for mobile use. People who shop online for event tickets usually rate sellers’ sites in several areas, including:

  • Site loading speed
  • The ease of the buying process
  • A variety of purchasing options (credit cards, virtual wallets)
  • Overall convenience of the purchasing process

Whether you already have a website or plan to create one, have your webmaster or marketing team focus on these points to increase online ticket sales. Run a variety of tests to ensure the site can handle the purchasing demand, especially during times when sales may spike, such as during an initial release or flash sales.

6. Use Email Marketing 

While you generate ideas for how to boost ticket sales for your event, consider creating an email campaign. This strategy helps you reach out to previous ticket buyers who attended a previous event and creates a shareable message they can send to others. Well-timed campaigns can generate increased interest in your event, which leads to more sales.

7. Create a Connection With Your Customers 

While marketing for an upcoming event on social media may help you attract new followers and make more sales conversions, creating relatable and entertaining content all year long helps you make a stronger connection with your customers. Encourage discussions on Instagram about the local music scene or what types of events your followers want to see live.

8. Offer Ticket Giveaway Promotions

Advance promotion is essential if you want to increase ticket sales for an event.

Eventgoers enjoy a ticket promotion that lets them attend a show for free, so promoting a giveaway a month or so before your event can draw plenty of attention. Use a number generator or trivia questions about special event guests to choose winners.

9. Use Flash Sales 

Few promotional strategies generate excitement among ticket buyers as flash sales. Offering discounted tickets within a certain time frame raises the demand for them. Seasoned eventgoers enjoy meeting the challenge of grabbing a good deal during a flash sale.

10. Work With Like Vendors 

Working with local vendors can increase ticket sales, especially during outdoor events. Invite food, drink, and merchandise vendors to your event and pair with them to offer your audience comfort and convenience during your event.

Increase Ticket Sales and More

Are you concerned about how to increase ticket sales for an event you plan to create? Evey Events has the tools and resources to help you create and launch your next event. Contact us today for further information and learn more tips to help you increase your ticket revenue.

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