How To Increase Ticket Sales for Sports Events


If you’ve been wondering how to increase ticket sales for sports events, proper marketing strategies are all you need. Sports and sporting events are popular topics and usually have no problem attracting a crowd.

The sports events market in the US has a projected growth rate of 4.08% and an expected market volume of $18.83 billion through 2028. While that estimate includes professional sports, there is no reason you can’t secure your piece of the proverbial pie.

How Marketing Strategies Can Increase Ticket Sales for Sports

How to increase ticket sales for sports events.

Marketing is the process of generating interest in events, products, or services. It is about using market research to analyze and understand the interests of your market prospect or consumer. Knowing how to attract fans to sporting events begins with assessing the type of event and then applying five fundamental marketing strategies.

1. Target Your Audience

Who is your ideal participant or spectator? Your target audience should include target profiles. For example, for a high school sporting event, you can target mothers and fathers of athletes. Also, target friends or supporters of the school and the athletes.

For parents, you want to identify the best ways to reach them, which may include sporting event calendars, preseason ticket sales, and email reminders. For student friends or supporters, you want to target platforms and channels they frequent, such as social media pages, school calendars and announcements, or text messages.

2. Build Relationships Through Social Platforms

As of 2023, 61.4% of the world’s population were social media users. You cannot ignore a market that size. Many social media users check their feeds on these platforms multiple times per day.

As a sporting event brand, it is worthwhile to establish a social media presence and build relationships. You can build relationships by posting consistently, participating in dialogue, and providing relevant and valuable advice.

3. Focus on Season Ticket Sales and Benefits

Knowing how to increase ticket sales for sports is about learning how to frame the sale. Sure, you can put a lot of effort into convincing people to buy a single ticket, or you can offer incentives to encourage season ticket purchases. If workable, offer discounts for people buying season passes.

If you can offer discounts, provide additional benefits like discounts on food and drinks or merchandise. Season ticket sales are an excellent way to ensure your auditorium or stadium is packed for every game.

4. Coordinate With Community Calendars

Most leagues have dedicated schedules, but if your event is flexible, choose a date that doesn’t interfere with other activities on the community calendar. Sometimes, planning an event during a typical holiday break can ensure attendance.

5. Increase Value for Fans

Enticements are always an excellent option for increasing ticket sales, from giveaways to discounts or themed events. People love free things and gifts. They also love feeling like they are a part of something. Take the time with event organizers to include the audience in the activities. A good option is halftime giveaways or contests.

How To Increase Ticket Sales for Sports Using an Event Management Platform

Learning how to increase ticket sales for sports is all about planning and event management. The more effort you put into the preparation stage of marketing, the bigger your payout or profit can be. Contact Evey Events to learn more about sporting event ticket sales and our event planning platform.

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