Can You Sell Tickets on Facebook Without Restrictions?


Whether selling tickets for a live concert, conference, or virtual event, social media is a powerful promotional tool. Different platforms offer distinct advantages, but Facebook is likely the most advantageous, allowing you to target specific demographics, encourage real-time engagement, and collect valuable analytics. That said, can you sell tickets on Facebook?

Selling on or through Facebook is iffy, albeit potentially beneficial. Facebook has 3 billion active monthly users worldwide. It is normal to want a piece of that action, especially when trying to encourage ticket sales.

How Can You Sell Tickets on Facebook?

Can you sell tickets on facebook marketplace?

Selling tickets on Facebook Marketplace when partnering with specific ticketing providers is possible. People can only purchase tickets on Marketplace in the U.S. and through the Facebook mobile app; purchasing is unavailable on the desktop or mobile site.

Also, the company restricts the type of tickets sold on Marketplace. To avoid any complications or penalties, you want to become familiar with the specific rules and policies involving ticket sales on Facebook.

Finding Your Audience With an Events Page

Rather than selling tickets on Facebook, use the platform to sell them, meaning use the social network to draw buyers to a ticketing platform outside your Facebook event page. An event page is free to create and easy to set up, allowing you to share specific details with your audience.

Facebook makes it easy to create an event. The basic template provides space to include basic information and critical details and directly invite people to your event. You can also enlist the help of other groups or influencers to promote your event across the platform. The most crucial step, however, is to include a ticket link that connects interested visitors to your ticketing partner and Shopify store.

What Are Some of the Best Places To Sell Tickets?

Facebook is a behemoth of a social network, but it is not the only one. You can also try marketing through several other sites:

  • WhatsApp – 2.78 billion monthly users
  • YouTube – 2.49 billion monthly users
  • Instagram – 2.04 billion monthly users
  • TikTok – 1.22 billion monthly users
  • Snapchat – 750 million monthly users

Each event promotion on each network should link back to or provide details on your ticketing partner or Shopify store.

Evey Events Is Your Ticketing Solution

Use Evey events to sell tickets on Facebook.

Evey Events makes it easy to sell tickets using the Evey Events Shopify app. Not only does Evey Events provide a solution for your ticketing needs, but it also allows you to incorporate other items in your Shopify store, like event merchandise.

You don’t have to settle for separate online stores specializing in shirts or tickets when you can use an all-in-one solution for seamless event planning, ticketing, and real-time analytics. Plus, it’s easy to promote because now you have a single link you can easily incorporate on your Facebook event page leading to your Shopify event store.

Evey Events Help You Sell Event Tickets Online?

How can you sell tickets on Facebook and other social media platforms while maximizing sales and eliminating potential barriers? Use Evey Events. Our product is specifically for Shopify merchants, meaning it integrates seamlessly with your store’s website.

By placing a link on a Facebook event page or linking to your store from other social media campaigns, you can successfully boost ticket sales while avoiding complex rules. Check out our pricing options to find what works best for your next event.

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