EFL Japan: Streamlining Event Management with Evey Events


EFL Japan is a series of events that unite local and international English as a Foreign Language (EFL) providers, educators, and learners. Co-founded by Simon Moran and like-minded professionals, it was created to fill the gap left by the pandemic and support independent publishers who needed more marketing reach.

“EFL Japan came together very quickly in Japan in the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) community, bringing together like-minded people to host online events and conferences to help independent publishers reach a wider audience.”

Simon Moran, Co-founder, EFL Japan.

EFL Japan has successfully organized online and in-person events, focusing on blending education and commerce. Simon shares their challenges, how incorporating Evey Events has impacted their success, and the benefits they’ve experienced.

Challenges: Scattered customer data making management difficult

While hosting EFL Japan events, Simon faced challenges with ticketing, attendee management, and marketing to the target audience. One of the major hurdles was managing ticket sales and check-ins for attendees.

He explains, “I wanted a quick QR code solution because I wanted volunteers sitting on the door, not having to go through our Mailchimp email lists for confirming attendance.”

Here are two specific challenges Simon mentions he experienced while organizing EFL Japan:

  • Inefficient check-in process: The check-in process was primitive. The staff at the venue had to scroll through their email lists and identify who has signed up for the event. They then had to keep track of every attendee manually. 
  • Difficulty managing customer data: Manual tracking brought its own set of challenges. There were errors considering how many people attended the event across the globe. Also, the data was scattered between multiple files and folders, making it difficult to manage. 

Simon was searching for a solution to streamline the event check-in process using QR codes. He wanted a tool that would allow him and his entire team to be more efficient and improve the ticketing experience for their customers. 

Solution: Faster check-in and streamlined event management with Evey

“The ease and efficiency that Evey Events brought to our event management process was truly remarkable, allowing us to focus on delivering a memorable experience for our attendees.” – Simon

To address their event management challenges, Simon and the EFL Summit Japan team turned to Evey Events, an event management app for Shopify. This solution offered seamless integration with their existing Shopify store and provided the tools they needed to manage their event effectively. 

Some of Evey’s key features that significantly eased event management for Simon’s team:

  • QR code generation & check-in: Evey Events provided an easy-to-use QR code solution that saved time and simplified the check-in process. With a quick scan, attendees could be admitted to the event, reducing entry time to just a few seconds. This was a significant improvement compared to manual check-ins that took several minutes.

 “Evey Events made it as easy as possible for our volunteers on the door to just scan the QR code, and attendees were checked in,” said Moran.

  • Centralized customer management: With Evey Events integrated into their Shopify store; the EFL Summit Japan team could keep better track of their customers and attendees. Attendees’ information was automatically added to their mailing list, making staying in touch and promoting future events more accessible.
  • Flexible ticket pricing: Evey Events allowed the team to offer different ticket pricing options for their event, encouraging attendees to join their mailing list for a discounted price. This strategy helped increase their audience base and foster customer loyalty.
  • Seamless integration with MailChimp: Evey Events’ integration with Mailchimp made it simple for the team to connect with attendees before and after the event, streamlining their communication process and ensuring a more cohesive experience for their customers.

EFL Japan was able to host a successful event with a streamlined check-in process and improved customer management. The team is excited to continue leveraging Evey Events for future events and further grow their community of English language learners.

Impact: Evey Events Drives Success and Enhances Efficiency for EFL Summit Japan

By leveraging Evey Events, EFL Summit Japan experienced a substantial positive impact on its event management process. 

“Evey Events made for a smooth experience, just like a good oil does.”
— Moran

The streamlined check-in, centralized customer management, and seamless integrations have improved efficiency and enhanced event experiences for attendees and organizers. 

Some notable outcomes of using Evey Events for EFL Summit Japan are:

  • Increased attendee satisfaction: The efficient QR code check-in process ensured attendees had minimal time waiting in line and could quickly access the event. This led to a more enjoyable experience and heightened satisfaction among attendees.
  • Growth in mailing list subscribers: By offering discounted ticket prices to mailing list subscribers, EFL Summit Japan successfully encouraged more attendees to join their mailing list, leading to an increased audience base for future event promotions.
  • Streamlined communications: The integration with Mailchimp allowed EFL Summit Japan to communicate more effectively with its attendees, providing important event information and updates while fostering community.
  • Time and resource savings: Evey Events’ user-friendly interface and automation features saved the EFL Summit Japan team valuable time and resources, enabling them to focus on delivering a high-quality event experience for their attendees.
  • Improved event marketing: With Evey, the EFL Summit Japan team could better promote their event online and encourage more attendees to pre-register. Although they still faced challenges in driving pre-registrations, they identified areas for improvement and are confident that leveraging Evey will lead to increased attendance in the future.
  • Scalability for more significant events: Evey proved to be a reliable solution for EFL Summit Japan’s event management needs. As their events grow in size, Simon is confident that the app will continue to support their needs and provide a smooth experience for both attendees and organizers.

EFL Summit Japan’s experience with Evey for event management has been transformative. With streamlined check-ins, increased efficiency, and seamless integration with their existing Shopify store and Mailchimp, Evey Events has become an indispensable tool for their organization. 

Moreover, the positive feedback from attendees has reinforced the value of Evey as a catalyst for creating engaging and memorable experiences.

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