Biltwell Sees 20x Reduction in Check-in Time and Increased Sales with Evey


Biltwell is a dynamic and stylish motorcycle gear company. Founded in 2006 by two motocross and BMX enthusiasts, Biltwell grew to become a leader in the motorcycle gear industry.

“Most people know us for our helmets because we took the vintage aesthetics and put them in a modern helmets with better plastics, and better foams.” —

Josh Gilbow, Operations at Biltwell

With 20 dedicated employees and a passion for delivering high-quality stylish products, Biltwell has established itself as a trusted and innovative motorcycle gear brand.
We spoke with Josh Gilbow, who runs operations at Biltwell. He helped us gain insights into the company’s working and the events side of their business. He also shares how they adopted Evey to streamline event ticketing and customer information gathering without overwhelming the staff.

Josh Gilbow, Operations at Biltwell

Challenge: Managing events and ticketing with a small team

Biltwell has always been passionate about hosting events, especially big races like the San Felipe race and Biltwell 100. But, managing these events brought in its own set of challenges.

“We were running events, and we would sell tickets through a separate app. It was just—buy the ticket, then manually pull order number, and take the name. There wasn’t a lot of information. It was generic but we had a giant spreadsheet. When people showed up at the event, we’d add them in there, saying that they showed up. And you can see how problematic this is.”


The manual process of checking in hundreds of people was time-consuming and prone to errors. It also lead to a bad customer experience as they had to wait in long lines before entering the event.

  • Obstacles they faced constantly:
  • Providing race teams with the necessary information for a safe and efficient race
  • Collecting more information from customers without overwhelming them
  • Streamlining the ticketing and event management
  • Reducing check-in time for customers

Biltwell was looking for a solution that would solve these challenges with a simple and customizable interface. They wanted a tool that would make event and ticketing management easier for their small team.

Solution: Streamlining event ticketing with Evey—a game-changer for Biltwell

“We needed more than just the name, phone number, and address. We needed to know their emergency contact info, what bike they were riding so they can be put into the appropriate class, and more. Evey was the one that hit the wickets and at that point, we started working on it through the Biltwell 100. ”


With its ability to gather custom customer information, control inventory, and manage attendees from the backend, Evey was the solution Biltwell needed to streamline its event ticketing process.
The intuitive platform and exceptional customer service from the Evey team made the transition to event ticketing a seamless experience for both organizers and attendees.
Some of Evey’s key features that proved to be game-changers for Biltwell include:

  • Custom information collection: Evey’s ability to gather custom information for each attendee streamlined Biltwell’s check-in process and ensured they had all the necessary information for a successful event.
  • Inventory control: With Evey, Biltwell can control its inventory, making it easier to manage tickets and ensure they’re not oversold.
  • Backend management: The ability to add attendees from the backend allowed Biltwell to reserve seats for their own and event participants’ friends and family, elevating the personal touch of their events.

Biltwell, facing challenges in managing events and collecting customer information, found a solution in Evey. The results were impressive, and Evey quickly became the go-to platform for all their event management needs.

Impact: Streamlined operations and increased event efficiency with Evey

With Evey, the team at Biltwell was able to streamline their event operations and improve their event efficiency. Prior to implementing Evey, Biltwell was using a simple app and spreadsheets to check in attendees at their events, which wasn’t providing them with enough information and was becoming a hassle.

“For us it’s a matter of time. If we didn’t have the information Evey collected at checkout, we’d have 350 people standing in line during the day of the event. But now, instead of collecting 30 fields of information, we only need 2 which saves time for us and the customers and is great for customer experience too.”


However, with Evey’s ability to collect custom customer information and control inventory, Biltwell was able to make its event check-in process much more manageable and efficient.

The results speak for themselves. With Evey Biltwell saw the following impacts with Evey:

  • The Biltwell 100 event saw record sales, becoming the top-selling unit for the month and sold out in a single day
  • The need to hire staff for events was eliminated, as Evey made it possible to run lean operations
  • In case of an emergency during a race, the additional information collected in Evey made it easier to reach the emergency contacts
  • The check-in process become more streamlined. It went from 350+ people waiting in line to share information to all the information being collected at checkout—reducing the wait times by more than 20x

Evey has been a game-changer for Biltwell, making it possible for them to efficiently manage their events and enhance the experience for all attendees.

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