Top 17+ Shopify event ticketing FAQs answered


Whether you’re looking to use Evey Events as an event management solution that works with your current Shopify store, or you’re new to Shopify, and you’re curious how it can help you sell merchandise along with tickets to your event, we are here to answer your questions! Check out these answers to our top Shopify event ticketing FAQs.

1. Can I sell merchandise with tickets?

Yes! You can sell merchandise with tickets. For businesses of all sizes, the Shopify platform gives you the power to not only sell tickets to your event, but to also sell accompanying merchandise.

Read our step-by-step guide on how to sell merchandise with your ticket sales.

Do you have digital merchandise to sell? Check out our app Kable Digital Products to sell digital products through your Shopify store.

2. Can I use POS?

Yes, you can! With Evey + Shopify, you can use Shopify POS to sell tickets in person.

3. Can I charge a ticket fee at checkout?

Yes! You can charge a ticket fee at checkout. Both Evey and Shopify can charge a fee per ticket, depending on the plan you’re subscribed to. As the event organizer, you can choose to pay these fees yourself or pass them on to your customers as part of the ticket price. Evey has a helpful feature that makes it easy to pass on these fees or charge different service fees entirely. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to charge a ticket fee.

4. How much does it cost to use Evey?

Evey offers 4 plans to choose from. We have a Lite Plan starting at $0 a month, and we offer a Standard, a Pro, and a Premium plan.

The plan you choose will determine your costs. Let’s use the current Standard plan as an example:

Let’s say you want to sell tickets for an event with 200 attendees, and you plan to sell those tickets for 3 months: 

  • The standard plan costs $49 a month, so for three months, the charges will be $147 plus the ticket fees for the 200 tickets. 

  • Tickets fees on the standard plan are $0.50 per ticket. For 200 tickets, the cost will be $100. 

  • Adding the subscription and ticket fees brings the total to $247 + Shopify fees.

  • Please note that Shopify charges a subscription and transaction fee depending on the plan you’ve signed up for, and these charges will be in addition to the Evey fee. Evey Events reserves the right to make changes to subscription or ticket fees – frequently visit our pricing page for updates.

Remember that you can recoup these costs by charging a ticket fee to your attendees.

5. Can I customize the look and feel of PDFs?

Yes, you can design the PDF ticket to any design, layout, colour, info, and so much more. Use this feature to maintain brand identity and to stand out from the rest!

6. Will attendees receive a PDF ticket?

Yes, attendees can receive PDF tickets, SMS Tickets, online tickets. You can set up which ticket types users get and when they get them.

7. Do you offer a Calendar view?

Yes! We’ve added the ability to display all of your events in a calendar view on your storefront using the “Events Calendar Page” integration. We’ve also covered how you can add an Event Calendar to your storefront.

8. How can I customize emails?

Editing your email template now uses the all-new visual template editor: no code knowledge required! You’ll love how easy it is to use, and you can set up the perfect email template in minutes.

9. How do I check in attendees on the day of the event?

Using the check-in app is the fastest way to get your attendees into your event while also allowing you to validate each ticket as they enter. You can download the app by clicking either of the following links based on your operating system:

You’ll need to set up check-in accounts for staff, so make sure to do that before the day of your event. Having a print copy of your attendee list is recommended for backup purposes. Export your attendee list as shown below:

We have a complete guide on the event check-in too.

10. Will my events show up as products on my storefront?

Yes! Events are considered products in your store. When you create an event in Evey, we create a product for your store and make a special sync with that product to handle it as an event.

To make the page attractive, you also need add an image to your product on Shopify.
Along with that, add event information to your Shopify product page so customers know exactly what tickets they’ll be purchasing.

11. Can I ask for additional attendee info at checkout?

Yes! You can collect attendee information with Evey’s storefront integration.

12. Can I host a virtual event?

Yes! Virtual and hybrid events are a great way to bring people together, and we are happy to help you sell tickets for both options while also providing a secure page to access the event.

We’ve written a comprehensive guide on how you can get started with virtual events. And once you’ve set up the event, you may also need a few tips to sell virtual event tickets.

13. Can I sync attendees with Mailchimp?

We realize it can be a slow process to manually import your attendee lists into a Mailchimp audience, so we built an integration to keep them synced! It’s easy to set up and start syncing your mailing lists with Mailchimp.

14. How can I market my event?

Marketing your event is a great way to make it a success. We have an integration with Klaviyo to help you automate your email and SMS marketing campaigns for your events.

15. Can I use a barcode scanner?

Yes – the Evey mobile check-in apps support most major external scanning hardware. You can also connect an external scanner. Alternatively, we also connect with the Socket Mobile S740 or CHS 7Qi 2D barcode / QR code scanner.

16. Do you offer assigned seating functionality?

Yes! We’ve added an exciting new feature to Evey to support your events when you want to have assigned seating.

17. Do you offer recurring events?

Yes! Recurring events allow you to sell tickets to an event that repeats without needing to create multiple events for each day your event runs. With one event, you can now create a schedule for any day and have it repeat across multiple days, weeks, or months until a set date or indefinitely.

18. How do I add an event on Shopify?

Adding an event on Shopify and selling tickets is simple:

  • First, install Evey on your Shopify store

  • Go to the Apps page and click Evey Events to open the app

  • Click Create event to start the event creation wizard

  • Enter the event details including the title, event date, and ticket prices

  • Design your tickets to match the event theme

  • Click Save and you have now added an event on Shopify

You can begin promoting your event page online to get your ticket sales.

19. How do you sell tickets for a virtual event or Zoom event?

Here’s how you can sell tickets for a virtual event on Shopify:

  • Install Evey on your Shopify store

  • Open the app and click Create Event

  • Enter your virtual event details like the date, the ticket prices, the name of the event, and the event name

  • Optionally add a QR code to the virtual tickets for joining the virtual event.

  • Click Save and begin promoting your event pages

20. Are you allowed to sell tickets on Facebook?

While Facebook does not allow selling tickets directly, you can set up a Facebook Shop to sell tickets. Alternatively, you can list your event on Facebook events and redirect users to your Shopify store where you sell the tickets.

20. How to sell event tickets on Facebook?

To begin selling your event tickets on Facebook, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Shopify & Facebook

  2. Add facebook sales channel

  3. Connect your Facebook account

  4. Connect your Facebook business manager

  5. Connect your Facebook page

  6. Setup your Facebook shop

  7. Add your tickets to the shop or link the page back to your Shopify store

You can also start by selling your tickets on your Shopify store first and promoting the store on social media. It will give you the benefits of getting customer information directly, and increasing profits through lower ticket sales fees.

21. How do you sell conferences?

If you want to sell conferences on Shopify, you need an app like Evey Events. It allows you to create events and sell tickets directly from your store without signing up for a third-party ticketing service.

  1. Install Evey on your Shopify store

  2. Set up your event by following the Create event wizard

  3. Create customized tickets to your conference, virtual or in-person, and add your QR codes to it.

  4. Set up the sales pages on your Shopify store and other social media pages to sell conference tickets.

22. Where is the best place to sell concert tickets?

Your own website, Stubhub, Eventbrite, and Ticketmaster are the best places to sell concert tickets online. Selling concert tickets on your website is the most profitable due to lower fees and complete access to customer data. However, you can gain benefits from the existing audience of third-party ticketing platforms.

23. How long before an event should you sell tickets?

It’s advisable to start selling your tickets two to four weeks in advance. This allows enough time to gather the audience and sell out your event tickets. Your event promotions should begin at least two months before the event to ensure there’s time for word-of-mouth to catch up.

24. How do you attract crowds to an event?

Here are 10 tips to attract large crowds to your events.

  1. Make sure your event is well advertised in advance.

  2. Create a strong social media campaign leading up to the event.

  3. Encourage attendees to share their experience of the event online.

  4. Make use of influencers to help promote your event.

  5. Offer incentives for attendees to bring friends or family along.

  6. Make your event interactive and engaging.

  7. Ensure your event website is optimized for SEO.

  8. Use data from previous events to improve attendance at future events.

  9. Consider using paid advertising to reach a wider audience.

  10. Make sure you are using the most effective marketing channels for your target audience.

25. How do you make your event stand out?

The best way to make your event stand out and unique will vary depending on the type of event you are hosting. However, here are five tips to make your event stand out and unique include:

  1. Choosing an unusual or unexpected location for your event

  2. Creating a theme or dress code that is out of the ordinary

  3. Focusing on a specific niche or interest group that your event caters to

  4. Offering unusual or unique entertainment or activities at your event

  5. Making use of marketing and publicity techniques that will help to generate buzz and excitement about your event.

We are here to help make your event management experience with Evey + Shopify an easy and enjoyable one! As always, if you need more information, get in touch!

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