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Looking to use Shopify to sell tickets to your event? Maybe you’ve used Evey before and want to explore more features and customization. We are here to help! While you can visit our Help Center for detailed support, here are some basics to help get things going. 

First things first, you will need to install the Evey app on the Shopify App Store at this link: Evey Event Management.

Once installed, it’s time to create your event. In the top right hand corner of your screen, click “Create Event”.

Add your event details for your event and remember to click “Save Event” when you’re all done. 

The “Event Settings” page will then load and offer new options as you scroll further down the page including the following selections:

  • Visible in Store: Uncheck this box if you are not ready for the event to show up in your store, and come back to make it visible when you’re ready!

  • Enable eTicket: You have the option for the ticket to be sent automatically once the order is complete (meaning it’s marked as “paid” or “fulfilled” in your Shopify admin) OR for the ticket to be manually sent to the attendee by clicking the “Send Ticket Email” button in your attendee list. Evey also lets you decide when to deliver your tickets and which format your attendee will receive. 

  • Ticket Transfers: Enable this box to allow attendees to make changes and transfer their ticket to another person. When transferred, the original ticket is cancelled, and a new one is created and emailed to the new attendee.

  • Primary Contact E-mail for your Event: Provide your attendees with a way to reach you to help with any questions and make your event a success from start to finish.

  • First Ticket Number: Decide which number your tickets will begin to be issued from, or leave it as is. The choice is yours. 

Visit our Event Settings articles in the Help Center for further details.

Next, let’s talk about ticket types. If you’re offering VIP, Early Bird, etc., you can add these types as Product Variants on your Shopify Product.

You can add/update/remove variants and change inventory on your Shopify Admin Product page for your event. Remember that your event will be visible to purchase in your store like any other Shopify Product, so you can add discount/promo codes, integrate other apps, and so on like you would for your other products. Visit our Integrations articles in the Help Center for more info.

Now you’re ready to customize emails and tickets for your attendees. Bring attention to your event or brand with a customized email that your attendee will receive when they purchase a ticket. Set up a custom logo image, change the topbar color and/or include notes for your attendees. Attached to this email will be the PDF and/or iOS Passbook tickets that belong to that attendee. Visit our Customization articles for details on how to customize every part of your event, from custom ticket templates to collecting attendee information.

You can also check out our Attendee Management Help Center articles to learn more about messaging attendees via Email or SMS directly from the Evey Events App. You can find this feature don the Attendees page. 

Now that you have the basics, you can get your event up and running and start selling tickets. Remember to visit our Help Center for additional support, and check out our blog for more posts on features and new options! 

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