How To Sell Event Tickets Fast: 10 Strategies


When you choose a career or a side hustle as an event promoter, one of the most important factors for success is selling your tickets quickly. Today’s eventgoers are mobile and intelligent and want access to their tickets wherever they are. If you want to learn how to sell event tickets fast, let us at Evey Events provide you with 10 strategies that can boost quick sales and provide your customers with a highly satisfactory ticket-buying experience. 

1. Use Social Media Platforms 

How to sell event tickets fast

Millions of people in the United States use social media of some kind. Instagram alone boasted more than 33 million users in 2023, a more than 30% jump from 2020, according to the same data block. 

Promoting ticket sales to your event on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can have a wide reach, especially when you use location and event type tags. Encourage ticket buyers to share your post on their social media pages so you will reach people who might not see your event details otherwise. 

2. Tease Your Ticketbuyers With Sneak Peeks

Some events draw huge prospective ticket buyers months before it even opens, such as San Diego Comic-Con International. This event causes ticket-buying rushes that most event organizers dream about, and you can garner a lot of attention by taking a page from this event’s book by using teasers to make people curious about guest speakers or performers appearing at your festival or concert. 

Use your event’s website or blog to tease ticket buyers with sneak peeks of your event and offer hints about any special guests that might appear. Post these teasers on your event’s social media page to boost quick ticket sales. 

3. Offer Advance Tickets 

While our Evey Events app makes it easier than ever to sell tickets to your next event, offering your guests advance tickets can boost ticket sales in a short amount of time. 

Early-bird ticket discounts also drive prospective ticket buyers to your sales site and increase conversions by enticing customers with discounts. Offering advance tickets can also give you some idea about the size of your audience and how much room you will need to hold an event safely. 

4. Reward Repeat Attendees

Rewarding repeat attendings can help you sell tickets fast

Loyal customers of your brand are worthy of special attention and ticket sale deals. You can offer a variety of perks to your most loyal ticket-buying fans, including: 

  • Presales for repeat customers 
  • Loyalty programs 
  • Members-only discount ticket sales 
  • Insider emails or texts about upcoming events 

You can also provide your VIP customers with rewards when they share your site on their social media platforms, which can increase the pace of your ticket sales when curious visitors become eventgoers. 

5. Satisfy Today’s Savvy Ticket Buyers

More people than ever are accessing and buying tickets online, and future projected data notes that the number of worldwide mobile users will increase by more than 476 million users by the year 2028. That means your website or app must meet the needs of today’s savvy eventgoers. 

When you create your website, run multiple tests to ensure it handles consistent logins, loads quickly, and offers lag-free scrolling so your customers can find the event they need quickly. The more efficient and mobile-friendly you make your site, the faster you can sell your event tickets. 

6. Boost Sales With Scarcity Tactics 

Giving ticket buyers a wide time window may cause lax ticket sales because they know they have plenty of time to make up their minds. You can increase a sense of urgency by limiting time concerning the availability of tickets, especially those that feature add-on experiences. 

One useful tactic is to add a countdown clock on your sales website to alert customers regarding how much time they have to buy VIP seating or discounted and bundled ticket offers. 

7. Recruit Influencers 

Social media allows millions of people to make a living influencing. They promote a variety of brands and product niches. These individuals are especially active on TikTok and influence consumers to purchase brands by using photos, videos, and memes. 

You can boost quick ticket sales for music events and festivals by recruiting popular influencers to discuss your upcoming shows. Since many people watch and share content created by their favorite influencers every day, word of your event can spread faster and increase the speed of your ticket sales. 

8. Hold a Pre-Show Event 

With a bit of enthusiasm and a small public outdoor venue, you can hold a pre-show event in your area that teases guest appearances, allows prospective customers to learn more about the event, and where and how to buy tickets. 

A bit of simple technology can attract people to your pre-show event. Music, lights, and colorful banners are all tactics that draw curious crowds. 

9. Take Advantage of Email Marketing 

Email can help you sell event tickets fast

Individuals interested in seeing a certain special guest speaker or band often join email lists so they can keep up with current and future appearances. You can offer this type of list to fans and encourage them to share emails with friends and family who might have an interest in attending the event. 

Consider using the drip method for your email campaign. These automated emails that provide information about an event, changes to any dates and times, and reminders about ticket sales can increase how quickly you sell tickets. These emails deliver on a schedule, and allowing users to control the number of emails they receive allows them more control regarding promotional material. 

10. Hustle

Your event’s tickets will not sell any faster if you delay creating your website or promotion campaigns. Once you decide to sell tickets, set up your sales tactics as soon as possible so you can reach more potential ticket buyers right away. 

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Do you want to learn more about how to sell tickets fast for your next event? Contact us today and discover how our app lets you organize, promote, and sell tickets to an event in a way that streamlines the process for you and your event-going customers. 

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