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Virtual events are a great way to continue to come together as we navigate the changes of 2022. In fact, virtual events are likely here to stay as they can be more economical, can simultaneously reach attendees worldwide, and can reduce the risk of cancellation that can come with continually changing regulations for in-person events.

Having a virtual event- or being prepared to move an in-person event to a virtual one- provides attendees with the chance to participate in your event comfortably from any location. Evey Events is here to help you sell tickets to your virtual event with our easy to use event management system. 

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The great news is that almost any event can be offered virtually. Concerts, recitals or plays, conferences and networking events, work meetings or webinars, educational and recreational classes, or replays of in-person events: the opportunities are endless. With careful planning, you can provide your attendees with everything they need to experience your event to the fullest. 


As you prepare to host your virtual event, consider your goals for the event, and what your attendees will need and expect from the experience. 

  • Can you include a social element for concerts and performing arts events so attendees can feel connected to one another?  

  • Can you provide attendees with samples of products you are promoting or demonstrating in classes, workshops, or webinars so they can be more hands-on?

  • Can you provide organized breakout sessions for conferences or networking events so attendees can connect outside of the regular session?

  • Can you create a sense of community among recreational class attendees to increase engagement?

Once you understand your goals and the expectations of your attendees, remember that you’ll need to choose the right streaming or event replay platform for your event type and find ways to promote attendee engagement.  


Choosing the right streaming or event replay platform for your virtual event is as important as selecting the ultimate in-person venue. You need to consider the capabilities of this platform and how it will meet your needs. These considerations go well beyond the price of hosting your virtual event on a particular platform.

You’ll want to be sure the platform can support the number of event attendees you’re expecting; that it’s secure and has a support for technical problems that might arise; that is has the capability to provide you with screen sharing or the control to turn off participant mics and cameras, if needed; that it can provide a “break-out” space for networking, if required; that is has the option to link to your own or other sites for merchandise sales; and so on.

Just as choosing an in-person venue would require site visits and comparison, choosing the best streaming or event replay platform for your virtual event will require careful research. 


While a virtual event doesn’t have the in-person connection, that doesn’t mean engagement shouldn’t still be top of mind. Attendees still need and want to feel that they are an active part of your event and that they’re gaining value for their time and money.

Depending on the type of virtual event you are hosting, you will need to encourage attendee engagement, whether it be through a social element running simultaneously with the event, a hands-on approach where attendees are prepared in advance with materials they’ll need to participate, or simply through your own careful organization of the event’s schedule or content: breaking presentations into smaller, more manageable sessions with breaks to recharge, or knowing which speakers or performers will be the most crowd-pleasing and then scheduling accordingly. 


Virtual events can be the perfect solution for reaching your audience, and Evey’s event management system is here to help! Evey can help you sell tickets to your virtual event with customizations and integrations to make your event a success. Brand your tickets, choose your delivery preference (PDF, email, text, Apple Wallet), and check-in guests with ease. Evey includes POS, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Zoom, and Shopify integrations – check us out to see all of our features and to start your free 14-day trial.

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