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Evey is a Shopify app that allows you to customize all aspects of your event running on your Shopify store. You can change the branding, text, colors and much more. It also enables you to control the HTML and Liquid for PDF, email, and SMS tickets which means you have full control over what customers will see when they receive tickets for your event. Evey also gives you complete control over HTML and Liquid for dedicated ticket pages and PDFs so you can get creative with what customers will see after purchasing their tickets.

Customization features

  • Easy click and change configuration for branding, text, colors, images, and more for everything

  • Full control of HTML / liquid ticket delivery (email or SMS) and messages templates

  • Full control of HTML / liquid for dedicated ticket pages, PDF, Apple Wallet Pass tickets

  • Full control of HTML / liquid for virtual event pages

  • Translation manager to let you support multiple languages across all aspects of the customer experience

  • Event data available in your storefront liquid through metafields for store customization

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