Eventbrite vs Evey: Which is the Best Event Ticketing Platform?


The event tickets space is projected to reach $65.04bn in 2022. And it is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5.31% until 2027.

If you want to host events to capitalize on this market, you will need a ticketing system. Businesses and event organizers set up their ticketing systems in two different ways — through a third-party website like Eventbrite or on their Shopify stores using Evey Events.

  • Eventbrite is one of the most popular events and ticketing platforms.

  • Evey Events has been working behind the scenes for hundreds of Shopify stores since 2013. 

So when choosing the best ticketing platform for your event, which one is better — Evey or Eventbrite? 

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is an event ticketing platform that allows you to add your events and enables the purchase of tickets. The events are displayed on the Eventbrite website which gives you an added advantage of their existing audience. 

Eventbrite also offers an easy-to-setup system that you can use to get your tickets ready for purchase. However, since Eventbrite has an existing style to its website, there is a lack of customization available for you. If a user is redirected to Eventbrite from your website, the difference becomes fairly obvious as well. 

What is Evey?

Evey Events is a ticketing system designed for Shopify merchants. Evey enables the sale of event tickets right from the store’s website. You can easily customize every aspect of your event landing page to match your Shopify store theme and make the ticketing experience seamless.

Evey also allows full customization of the tickets so you can create beautiful, themed tickets that add a sense of exclusivity to your event making it stand out. You can add custom QR or bar codes to the tickets to make it easy for customers to display them at the event or join the event by scanning them.

Eventbrite vs Evey Events — What are the differences?

Both ticketing systems offer a great way for brands and event organizers to create their events. Eventbrite has a ready system where you can host your event while Evey takes a different route. 

Let’s look at the differences between these two ticketing systems. 

Quick summary of differences between Evey and Eventbrite


Evey Events

Create and sell tickets on the Eventbrite website

Create and sell tickets directly on your Shopify store.

No customizability. All events look and feel the same as they match the Eventbrite website theme.

Complete customizability for tickets and sales pages. Evey Events allows organizers to design the sales page and the tickets to match the event theme giving the event a more exclusive and premium feel.

Onsite ticketing with the Eventbrite mobile app.

Mobile apps for attendee tracking and management.

No POS integration

Integrates with the Shopify POS allowing customers to purchase tickets at the venue and manage attendees from the Evey app.

Direct emails from Eventbrite’s email partners. Emails collected from the event are stored by Eventbrite.

Integrate with Klaviyo or Mailchimp to send emails to your existing audience. You own your email lists.

Evey vs Eventbrite — Selling tickets

Both platforms take a different route here, but the end goal is the same — sell more event tickets. 


Eventbrite event setup screen

Being a centralized ticketing platform, you need to create an account on the Eventbrite website to sell tickets. It allows you to then add the events, set up the location and set a price.

Eventbrite handles the checkout and payment process, taking that responsibility off your shoulders. While that is great for some event hosts, it may not be great when you realize that Eventbrite charges a heavy fee. More on that later. 

Evey Events

Evey was designed to be a standalone Shopify app for event ticketing. You do not need to register on the website or post your events on the Evey website. Instead, Evey installs on your Shopify store and enables ticketing on the store.

Evey Events setup screen within the Shopify dashboard

Once installed, Evey allows you to set up fully customized ticket sales pages, and email templates. Evey also integrates with the Shopify POS, so you can sell tickets at the venue and keep track of attendees. 

Winner: Tie — If you only want to sell tickets, either of the platforms will be completely sufficient for your needs. You can pick the one that is most feasible for your event.

Evey vs Eventbrite — Customizability

Event sales pages need to be customizable. That’s the page where you can capture your customer’s attention, ask for their emails, and provide value and a promise of a great event before asking for money. 


Eventbrite offers limited customization for events. The event pages match the Eventbrite website theme, so every event hosted on Eventbrite has the same style. 

Eventbrite homepage

The only way to make an event stand out is to upload an eye-catchy event image. Apart from that, every other design element is controlled by Eventbrite. 

Evey Events

Evey Events, on the other hand, gives you complete control over how your event tickets and landing pages look. You can match the style of your event tickets and landing pages to your Shopify store theme. 

Event landing page made with Evey

Evey also allows you to add custom QR or bar codes to the tickets. This is great if you want to track attendees or want to add an element of exclusivity to your event. 

Evey vs Eventbrite — Integrations

Being able to integrate your event ticketing platform with other apps can be a great addition. It can help you work with existing technology for sending welcome and reminder emails, using calendars, tracking attendees, and even making payments available at your venue. 


Eventbrite has an app ecosystem. This lets you enhance Eventbrite’s capabilities and helps you connect multiple systems together. 

Eventbrite app marketplace

For example, you can connect your Google calendar to sync with the events. Along with that, you can keep Mailchimp and Eventbrite’s email lists in sync. 

Evey Events

Evey is built for Shopify and it seamlessly integrates with your store to enable ticket sales right from your website. Evey also integrates with Klaviyo and Mailchimp to help you send emails to your existing audience. 

Here’s a list of integrations that Evey supports at present:

  • Add Calendar View to your Storefront

  • Create a Terms and Conditions Checkbox using the Storefront Integration

  • Zoom Meetings & Webinars

  • Marketing events with the Mailchimp integration

  • Collect attendee information with the storefront integration

  • Marketing and Analytics with the Klaviyo Integration

  • Prevent customers from bypassing storefront integration required data collection

  • Syncing your recurring event bookings to an external calendar

Also, with the Shopify POS integration, you can take direct payments for your in-person event tickets. Evey automatically keeps track of the payments and the attendees for later use. 

Winner: Eventbrite. Its app ecosystem gives you access to many external platforms from within Eventbrite. 

Evey vs Eventbrite — Pricing

The most important differentiating factor between Evey and Eventbrite is their pricing. While both have similar pricing structures, they price their products very differently. 


Eventbrite charges a fee per ticket along with the payment processing charges. If the ticket is free of cost, Eventbrite will not charge any fees. You can also choose between absorbing the fees or passing them on to your customers.

This may increase the per-ticket cost for your customers while giving you the full revenue you expect.  

Let’s take an example of a $10 event ticket sold on Eventbrite. We’ll absorb the fees to understand the total amount. 

If you sell 100 tickets for this event, the expected revenue is $1,000. 

After the Eventbrite fees, the amount would go down to $876. This comes to $124 in Eventbrite fees.

However, these lower fees are for the Essentials package. If you go for the Professional package, the fees are even higher at $219.

This is excluding the taxes and payment processing fees you will be charged on your sales. As you sell tickets for higher-priced events, the percentage fee eats into your total revenue. 

Evey Events

Evey has a flat fee pricing structure. Instead of charging a percentage fee, on the free plan, Evey charges $1 per ticket sold. This fee goes lower as you go up the tiers with Evey and can be as low as 12c per ticket.

Let’s take the same example of $10 event tickets sold using Evey. 

If you sell 100 tickets at $10, the expected revenue is $1,000. If are on the free plan, you’ll be charged $100 for the entire sale. 

This makes Evey 24% cheaper than Eventbrite’s lowest fee plan

Evey pricing plan

Alternatively, if you host events regularly, have higher volume of sales, and need a dedicated account manager to be available for support, you may opt for Evey’s Premium Plan at $499/month. 

This is the most profitable plan for customers who have regular events.

Shopify reviews

With the Premium plan, your per-ticket cost is 12c.

If you sell 1,000 tickets at $10 each, the fees are $120 for ticket sales totaling $10,000.

Winner: Evey. Even with the free plan, Evey saves you 20% on the per-ticket fees compared to Eventbrite’s lowest fee plan. As you upgrade to more feature-rich plans, Evey’s per-ticket pricing goes lower so you can take more of your profits.

Evey vs Eventbrite — Final thoughts

Eventbrite and Evey Events are both great platforms for managing your events. But they follow different routes to help you sell tickets.


Eventbrite provides you with an existing audience and handles your event payments, and attendee management from a single place. However, it uses your customers’ emails to promote other events. 

With that said, Eventbrite can be a good platform if you’re starting out and haven’t found your distribution channel yet.

Eventbrite homepage

Along with the pre-made ticketing system, Eventbrite helps your events get discovered on their platform for visitors in your location. If you have an event in New York, visitors from New York can immediately see the popular as well as the newest events right on the home page. 

Evey Events

Evey directly integrates with your Shopify store. When promoting your events, you are automatically promoting your business and your Shopify store — win-win. 

You also own all the customer data that you get while hosting your events. Evey only has access to the data to enable attendee tracking. 

Also, with fully customizable tickets, you can add a custom QR code to your ticket, color the tickets match your event theme, add custom notes, and more giving your event a more exclusive feel. 

And if you’re hosting in-person events, Evey offers Android and iOS apps that allow you to verify tickets by scanning the QR codes. You can also integrate with the Shopify POS if you want to enable in-person payments for your tickets. 

If you are looking for a fully customizable ticketing system, Evey Events is the best choice.

Winner: Evey. It is easy to set up, offers full customizability, and has much lower fees than Eventbrite. 

How to setup event ticketing with Evey Events?

If you have a Shopify website, you can also use Evey to design modern and customized tickets for your virtual events and give them an exclusive look. Here’s how:

1. After you install Evey on your Shopify store, you are presented with a screen to create a new event.

2. Click Create event and set up the event details including the name, the dates, the ticket pricing, and the number of tickets available. You can choose the location of the event here, and click Save Event.

3. Next, click on the Tickets tab and go to Customize.

4. Start designing your ticket with the simple drag-and-drop template designer. Edit the colors and the layout of the tickets as you prefer.

5. Once you’re done, click Save at the top right corner and then hit Exit.

Your ticket template is now created and it will be automatically sent to customers who purchase the event tickets. The overall custom look gives your events an exclusive feel that is difficult to achieve on ticketing platforms. 

Start selling your event tickets with Evey, today

When you’re hosting events for their long-term business benefits — better customer relationships, new leads, increased customer loyalty, and improved brand positioning — you cannot afford to give up control. 

You need to organize every aspect of your events from the start to the finish making sure nothing is left to doubt. Evey Events becomes your partner and helps you host amazing events effortlessly. 

It becomes the entry point for customers to buy tickets from. With complete control over the ticketing experience, from the page designs to custom tickets to payment pages, Evey gives your customers a seamless purchase experience that’s impossible to create on third-party websites. 

For a fully customizable event ticketing experience on Shopify, try Evey — the all-you-need event toolkit to help make your event a success.

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