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Selling tickets to your community event? Evey Events is the solution for your ticket sale needs. Coming together is such an important part of every community, and we know every cent counts. We love to provide our users with the features they need at a price they will love. If you’re organizing a special event, let us help make the ticket sale and check-in process easy while enabling you to stay on brand with the ability to design and customize your event page, tickets, and emails!

PDF tickets, Apple Wallet tickets, QR codes, SMS tickets – the choice is yours! Evey enables you to sell tickets on your Shopify store with our easy-to-use ticket manager. On event day, use our iOS and Android apps to check in attendees who purchased tickets using any of these methods. Have virtual attendees? They will receive a secure link to the event that can be password protected, if required. 

Send tickets with style: use Evey’s customization features to strengthen your brand, highlight the event details, and create an experience for attendees from the very beginning!

Want to learn more? Evey’s event management system can be used for one-time or recurring events, for single or group tickets, and is both reliable and scalable: sell as many tickets as you need! 

As the organizer, you have the option to collect extra information from attendees before they purchase tickets, and attendees can update their info or transfer tickets on their ticket page (if you permit). Email and SMS deliveries can be tracked, so you’ll know when your guests have received their tickets, and you can send custom messages (email or SMS) to some or all of your attendees at any time. 

Check-in is made easy with Evey with tracking across your guest list, check-in rules for preventing multiple check-ins, and an entrance ticket style option to allow a number of uses in a period of time. Need contactless check-in? Evey allows you to scan tickets using our iPhone/iPad or Android apps (external scanning hardware supported). 

For more information, check out our Shopify page, and get started selling your tickets today with Evey!

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