10 Memorable Swag Ideas for Events


Have you ever attended an event and received a swag bag full of fun and unique branded merchandise? These items add an element of fun for attendees and encourage them to return for the next event. If you need swag ideas for events, Evey Events has 10 ideas for you that are sure to please eventgoers everywhere. 

1. Custom Pop Sockets

Swag Ideas for Events

According to the Pew Research Center, 97% of Americans own a cell phone. This makes a custom pop socket embossed with your event’s name or brand a useful and fun swag item. Pop sockets create a built-in stand for almost any phone and make handling one easier and more comfortable. 

2. Pocket Journals 

People who enjoy traveling to different events will enjoy this event swag, which fits easily into a backpack, purse, or back pocket. Consider pairing this swag with a matching pen to create a mini set so your attendees can jot down important information or even journal about their experiences at your event. 

3. Vinyl Stickers 

Removable vinyl stickers make fun and reusable swag for any event. They promote your brand when eventgoers use them on their laptops, put them on their vehicles, or plaster them on water bottles. 

4. Recycled Tote Bags

You can promote your event and help reduce waste when you include a recycled tote bag in your swag kit. Pack them with other items and turn them into mystery bags to thrill your eventgoers and tease the kits as you promote and sell tickets to your event with our app. 

5. Power Banks 

People who attend outdoor events will appreciate a cell phone power bank featuring your event’s logo. These banks allow for quick phone charging so eventgoers can upload pictures and videos of your event on social media, increasing your promotional reach. 

6. Can Coolers 

When you choose swag items for events, functionality is as important as promotion. Can coolers branded with your event logo keep drinks cold while your eventgoers explore the grounds of an outdoor festival or concert locale. These coolers are also reusable, giving your eventgoers a useful item that often lasts for years. 

7. Desk Cable Organizers 

Portable desk cable organizers featuring your logo can prevent accidents at home or hotels when your eventgoers travel. Keeping charging cables organized and out of the way prevents trip-and-fall accidents and device breakage. 

8. Hats 

Most eventgoers love wearable swag, and hats are a popular choice. Choose a breathable material with adjustable backing to keep fans comfortable during your next outdoor event. 

9. Mini Drawstring Backpacks

 Drawstring bags are another Swag Idea for Events

Give your eventgoers a place to stash their favorite items in a mini drawstring backpack. These lightweight and durable bags printed with your event logo remain useful long after your event ends and promote your brand wherever they travel. 

10. Wellness Mini Kits

Staying healthy while traveling for events is a concern for many eventgoers so including a mini-wellness kit in your event swag is something they will appreciate. Include items like lip balm, mini hand sanitizer bottles, and tissue packs. 

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Are you planning your first concert, sporting event, or convention and need swag ideas for events and other promotional solutions? Contact us today at Evey Events and create an unforgettable and successful event everyone will enjoy. 

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